Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Being a human, I happen to have a mother.  Being a teenage girl, I happen to be at odds with her very often.  Mother's Day reminds me that I would not be here without my mom, and not only from the standpoint that she gave me birth.  I remember how I could not go to sleep at night unless I had a hug from mommy, it was absolutely impossible.  Remembering that shows me that while I may be a teenager that now knows everything, there was still a time that I needed my mommy to hug me before I went to bed.  What I was surprised to remember was that I still need my mommy, maybe more than ever now.
It very seldom happens, but I have been known to talk in my sleep. One of these incidents happened about a year ago with my mom. Having fallen asleep reading yet again, my mom wen into my bedroom to turn off my light. What she didnt know is that I had yet again cried myself to sleep with one of the world consuming highschool problems that I would not stoop to tell my parents about.  Well, when my mom opened my door and turned off my light, I started mumbling. (This is all told to me by my mom, I have no memory of this event.) When she asked me what was wrong, I told her that I needed a hug before I went to sleep.  She gave me a hug and I went right back to sleep.
Though I may be able to put band aids on my own skinned knees, I still need my mommy. Without her I never could have become the woman I am today. And without her, I will never be the woman that I hope to become - my mom.

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